Zoid Name - Liger Zero (Advance)
CAS Name - Nova
Purpose - light speed, rapid movement missions, enemy intel disruption, rapid defense
Max Speed - 707 MPH , Light Speed (Unknown)

After the creators of both the Liger Zero Advance and the Flux CAS realized there was more opportunities for different CAS variations, they started working on the next CAS.
The speed of the Blitz CAS was unparalleled speed, that was when they were wrong.
While using Flux for a variety of missions there were times when the CAS was incapable of producing effecting results that lack in areas such as stealth, defense and of course, speed.
Light energy is the main source of power for Nova where once its surrounding has a source of light energy you can say the game has already won.
Nova CAS is capable of producing powerful strikes that eventually had their own names because of the devastating damage it left.
Moves like 'Nova Strike' and 'Super Nova' were known throughout the various battlefields.

Nova poses a powerful shield know as 'Artemis' which can be protruded two ways.
The first as a powerful frontal shield while the second generates this sphere that currently deflected every assault that tried to strike it.
The word speed has a new meaning in the world of zoid. Nova leaves many of the high speed behind in an instant where as its top competitors like Envy liger and Blitz CAS struggle to keep up.
While this CAS is best for stealth missions it can also take down enemy intel using its discharging abilities (like an EMP) to shut down enemy equipment and destroy intel.
There is also a mini drone that's attached under which acts similar to that of the U.S.P. from the Flux CAS but faster known as O.W.L..



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