CAS - Flux

Purpose - melee combat, energy manipulation

Top Speed - 350 MPH

Weapons - Flux Blades x 2, Bit Diodes x 1, Dividing Daggers x 4, U.S.P. x 1 (Tail Weapon), Flux Micro Particle Cannons x 2

Equipment - Flux Converters x 6 (4 as on main blades 2 on sides), Energy Field (repels energy base weapons), Flux System.

System/Program - Flux system acts as a energy absorbing unit. Capable of absorbing nearly 90-100% of enemy's attacks and returning it by 2x the power. Flux can create a frontal energy field or dome field that will act as a shield but not necessarily a shield.

Early Psycho System - The EPS is a system that allows for control of the Bit Diodes (mini dagger shards) capable of penetrating powerful shields and the U.S.P. (Universal Sentury Phaser) a Psycho controlled twin turret capable of damaging light to medium heavy armored units.

After the creation of the Liger S series, the Spectrum Division decided to make a second liger type which was based off of the original Liger Zero zoid. With modern technology and smart programs, they developed what is called the Liger Zero Advance.

Like the original Liger Zero, the advance is capable of handling more than the original. Here's a list of the improved upgrades. More defense, durability with reinforced armor. Improved energy input and output which allows for faster CAS sync and added speed. The Learning capability is beyond that of the black box. The liger adapts to the armor quicker thus allowing it to have a faster respond time and smooth handling capabilities. Aside additional room for future add-ons, the liger zero advance also carries the verbal input command program. The armor has more room for additional equipment that hasn't been installed yet along with open slots for additional programs that will later on enhance the zoid such as improving on the Psycho System.

The Flux CAS is a close-combat type liger with multiple melee weapons installed with the CAS. Capable of absorbing energy and firing a twin micro particle cannone, the Flux CAS surpasses those of the Gairyuki and Energy Liger max power levels. While the CAS was designed for melee combat, before the offical release of the CAS a few more additions were made like the EPS. The EPS allows the pilot to manipulate weapons already installed on the CAS through psychic energy or brain control. While this is the first CAS out of the three, this has proven to be one of the ultimate armors since the creation of Liger S and that or Geno Saurer X



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