Zoids Name - Geno Saurer X
CAS Name- Reaper
Pilot Name- Leikus
Organoid Name - Mirage
Development/Produced - Spectrum Division
Purpose - Ultra High Speed and Close Combat

Developed under the Spectrum Union, Geno Saurer was modified to carry 2 CAS.
One is called the Reaper CAS and the other Hades.
The Reaper CAS was designed for both high speed and close combat.
Equipped with a powerful sheild and a Reaper system that acts as funnels.
The Reaper system has an offense and defense self deployed units.
The large units are called Scythes for heavy assaults and to increase the power damage of the charged particle gun when aligned at a certain angle.
Then there is the defense units called sickles which basically are mini turrets that fly around and can project shields to fend of incoming attacks.
The Geno Saurer also has its personal organoid called Mirage.
After the creation of the Liger S and the 3 CAS, Spectrum decided to recreate the Geno Saurer and have it carry only 2 CAS due to production cost and time it took to create one CAS.
While limited, each CAS has twice more potential than one CAS of the Liger S.

Weapons -
5 mini blades equipped on head unit.
They can perform a mini buster slash or act as solo cutters.
Also known as Reaper's Pierce
2 large double sided blades (Main Weapon).
equipped with 2 90mm Reaper Laser guns.
Blades are called Reaper Blades.
Under Chest carries a 50mm rapid fire plasma twin gun.
Scythes - x 2 (self automated blade /guns) for assault
Sickles - x 2 (self automated defense turrets and shields) for defense

Equipment -
Reaper Energy Ray Accumulators - X many (through out armor) used to absorb energy base type weapons\assaults\projectiles.
Reaper System - after accumulating a certain amount of energy the Reaper System is activated which increases the zoid's potential overall.
Armor, attack power, speed, sensory range, tracking, recovery and reflexes.
The increase depends on the energy accumulated.
every 10% is divided by 3 taking that percent as energy obtained.

Organoid - While not part of the zoid, the organoid "Mirage" is always with the zoid.
When fused, the organoid enhances the overall performance by 50%.

Red Reaper Crystals - There are 5 red crystals equipped on the armor itself.
Not much information on them but they are like memory banks or a sort of organoid system.
T he crystals doesn't store data into the core itself but as an armor alone, it enhances performance over time.



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