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Name: Liger Zero Zoid (Advance Version)
CAS Name: Onslaught
Purpose: Assault, Combat, Weapons Specialist, manipulation, counter-strike and amethyst psychic.

As the third and final CAS for Liger Zero Advance, the Spectrum Development managed to pull off a CAS of the century. More than just a long-ranged cannon and missile equipped CAS the Onslaught is more than meets the eye. Using data of the Early Psycho System from both Flux and Nova CAS the program was now fully developed. While Onslaught may look slow its speed surpasses those of the mass produced zoids such as Sabers, Shields, and Command Wolves. The Amethyst System is the mother of the CAS capable of taking over enemy zoid's core and/or using their weapons against them. The CAS has Phalanx Shards which are like beam equipped funnels and Helix Aegis that's basically flying cannons that will bore a whole through though armors with ease.

Onslaught is by far the most difficult CAS to use for its system isn't just hard to operate but also drains energy from the pilot rapidly. With that said, the CAS is only limited to a hand full of capable pilots but one only chosen. Out of the three CAS it currently holds the highest defense which makes it harder to crash. As a CAS and similar to those of the Liger S series, this one can learn on its own and doesn't rely on the pilot much. Overall a powerful CAS that i believe anyone would want to pilot. The Onslaught's fire power is said to be second to Decimate's firepower but non the less more balanced and has multiple options to make out for even the most unusual situations.



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